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Brands Speak

Häfele :

90 years after its founding in Germany, the Häfele family business is a worldwide leader in the furniture fittings and architectural hardware industry, as well as in electronic access control systems. Häfele employs more than 6,000 employees and has 37 subsidiaries, with the group supplying to customers in 150 countries. This is beneficial for Häfele’s customers because they have access to international knowledge and expertise as well as access to professional local and personal service. The companys’ motto has always been “style with functionality”. Hafele along with Blum-the worldwide leaders in kitchen solutions, are totally dedicated to bring to the Indian consumer the best that is available in the world market, at rates which are affordable.

Hettich :

Hettich was founded in as early as 1888, when Krl Hettich began making the new clock component he had invented. Today, Hettich, still family owned, has become one of the world's largest manufacturers of furniture fittings, with a worldwide reputation, with its home in Kirchlengern, Germany. Every day, over 6000 members of staff take up the challenge of developing intelligent technology for furniture. The company has its presence in more than 100 countries. The company’s success has been built on four enduring values: quality , innovation, close cooperation with customers and absolute reliability. The company has its strong presence in the Indian market for past over 14 years now.

Kessebohmer :

Kesseböhmer  began its manufacturing in Dahlinghausen, in 1954. Today the company has five production plants – all of them in Germany with direct sales in 52 countries. Total number of people employed in the Group are 2100. The company assures top of the line quality made in Germany, from concept to delivery.

Hafele Iconic :

Through the hafele Iconic brand, we introduce to you our range of super-premium  luxury appliances to add a touch of grandeur and magnificence to your kitchen, which holistically meets every requirement of your kitchen from cooking, ventilation to refrigeration. These appliances have been carefully included in our range to bring to you the leadership and authority in reigning technologies from around the world.

Hafele Iconic brings to you its elegant range of refrigerators, freezers and wine cellars from LIEBHERR, Germany; its sophisticated range of built-in hobs from BERTAZZONI, Italy and its most sophisticated technology in kitchen ventilation through its range of cooker hoods from FALMEC, Italy.

Liebherr :

Established in 1949 by Hans Liebherr with its beginnings in construction equipment, Liebherr is a family-owned company that is established in numerous fields. Headquartered in Germany, Liebherr’s engineering excellence provides the widest range of freezers, refrigerators and wine cabinets in Europe. Liebherr is the world’s leader in premium refrigeration, with more than 10,000 appliances leaving their various production plants everyday.

The range of refrigerators from LIEBHERR( the world leader in refrigeration and cooling systems) provides different temperature zones wih different levels of humidity-all in the same unit. This all is achieved with the most sophisticated electronics and sensor technologies available today. Even in case of a power cut LIEBHERR refrigerators and freezers can hold their optimum temperature up to 48 hours, eliminating any potential loss of expensive food items.


In 1882 the Bertazzoni company was born In Guastalla close to Parma, where this family company combined the two great traditions of Emilia Romagna – culinary craft and engineering skill.

This is why people around the world who know how to cook, use Bertazzoni ranges and cooktops, built with passion and precision by people who know about cooking.

Bertazzoni cooking machines are today sold throughout Italy and exported to 60 countries around the world selling at the top end of the market through a quality dealer network.

For all its modernisation and global marketing, Bertazzoni respects its roots in the traditions of Italian culture and style, and that it remains a specialist in the very personal craft of cooking. The burners are designed with reduced space between flame and cookware. This allows pots to be placed closer to the flame, giving increased efficiency with shorter boiling times and reduced gas consumption.
Cookers, ovens, hobs and accessories are mainly made from stainless steel as well as other metals, with few plastic parts. 99% of materials that are used for making products, as well as the packaging they come in, are recyclable.


Falmec has evolved from a small manufacturing company to a leading force both in the national and international market, gaining extensive experience in the design and production of cooker hoods.

From initial design to finished product, all of Falmec’s creations are achieved through a multi-step process that is run entirely onsite at the company headquarters, located in Treviso, Italy, where 130 employees in charge of different areas daily make their specific experience. The plants are equipped with cutting edge equipment, with numerous robotized production lines as a high quality standard guarantee. For this reason Falmec hoods represent the absolute highest levels of functionality, yield and duration over time. A guarantee that air in the room is clean, always purified of odours and vapours to perfection. With the addition of a stylish design that compliments the kitchen area in a way that is in tune with the latest contemporary style tendencies.The cooker hoods from FALMEC are configured with high suction capacities to free the kitchen environment off pungent odours, fumes and grimes.


These are the key concepts of all Falmec projects. They are the outcome of ongoing research that considers aesthetics, materials and technologies as a single set in order to achieve the perfect synergy.
Falmec selects and uses AISI 304 stainless steel, with an alloy containing 18% chromium and 8% nickel. Hygienic, easy to clean, highly resistant to corrosion, as demonstrated by salt spray tests, AISI 304 is by far the best material for the production of cooker hoods.


The dream Faus was born in 1953 in a small carpentry workshop in Gandia (Valencia Spain). Since then, the firm has evolved, always from a philosophy of sustainability and commitment to the environment, which has helped to consolidate the position in national and international markets. The company slogan being,
”One step ahead, creating unique products of remarkable quality”.
Today, FAUS INTERNATIONAL FLOORING integrates the entire production process in Gandia - Valencia. In these facilities, about 90,000m2, all industrial activity group develops. This is where the team accumulates all the knowledge, experience and unique technologies that characterize FAUS products.
Constantly evolving, technology and innovation are aspects that characterize Faus products, making them unique in the market. Fausfloor laminate floors show that special character that make the brand unique in decorative interior solutions.