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Instruction of usage & care

Instruction of usage & care

Do not wash the cabinets, shutters, hardware or accessories but wipe them clean regularly with a soft damp cloth.Do not use any scrubber to clean the surface.

In case of any leakage, from around the sink or otherwise, kindly do not ignore or try to fix the problem yourself.

It would be advisable to seek professional help and get the leakage repaired immediately.

Do not use sharp edges such as knife, steel scrubbers to clean shutters and cabinets surfaces or any appliances.

The appliances should be cleaned using a soft wipe with a mild detergent and wiped off dry thereafter.

Care should be taken such that the water does not seep into the burners/nozzle area.

Do not try to forcefully close or open a drawer/accessory in case the slider fitting seems to be stuck.

Instead seek professional help. Do not forcefully close soft close hinges and channels. They would close automatically on slight push.

Do not use any chemicals to wipe clean the shutter surfaces. This may lead to unnatural fading of color and sheen.

Reasonable care should be taken while using spices such as turmeric, and if spilled over shutter/cabinet finishes, it should be immediately wiped off using a dry cloth.

Never wipe it with a wet cloth, as it would spread and may become permanent in nature.

In case the installation of the product is the responsibility of the company in question, kindly do not open the seal of the product. Let the technician do the needful.

Care should be taken to not overload a shelf, especially with concentrated weight. It is always advisable to keep the weight reasonably distributed across the shelf. Read and follow the installations manual carefully, in case the product is being installed at the client’s end.